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Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The following disclaimer and terms of use (terms and conditions) apply to all users of the Inner Rhythms Medicine website ( and all clients of Inner Rhythms Medicine (Brooke Kerekere t/a Inner Rhythms Medicine). "Clients" are deemed as any individual who engages the services of Inner Rhythms Medicine for the purpose of receiving a flower essence consultation and subsequent personalized flower essence blend from a practitioner. "Practitioner" is deemed as the individual performing the consultation and prescribing and dispensing the essence blend/s who is employed by Inner Rhythms Medicine. The website and services of Inner Rhythms Medicine are offered to all users and clients conditioned upon their acceptance of all terms and conditions stated in our Disclaimer and Terms of Use. By accessing and using the website and services provided by Inner Rhythms Medicine you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Consultations & Essence Blend Prescriptions

All flower essence consultations and flower essence blends are conducted and formulated by Inner Rhythms Medicines certified and registered flower essence practitioner who is qualified to provided flower essence consultations and flower essence blends.

Consultations and associated essence blends, advice, recommendations and guidance, undertaken and provided by Inner Rhythm Medicine are in no way intended to diagnose, provide a prognosis, or cure any illness, disease, or disorder and are of a nature intended to enhance and strengthen the mind, body, and soul naturally, to promote relaxation and stress management, and to return the mind, body, and soul to a state of equilibrium. Flower essences are not allopathic medicine, they do not work directly on the body in a biochemical manner. Flower essences prescribed and dispensed work on a holistic and vibrational level to provide emotional and spiritual support. While it is the practitioner/Inner Rhythms Medicines experience that the services and flower essences referred to and provided often appear to have a beneficial effect when used as directed, the use of services and/or flower essences is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Anyone with a medical or psychological condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice from a health-care professional.


All information collected by the practitioner prior to, or at, the time of consultation will occur after consent is given by the client and is to aid in determining the underlying root cause/s and contributing factors of the clients presenting complaint, ensuring a relevant and effective personalized essence blend/s.


At the time of consultation it is the clients responsibility to provide information in a truthful and detailed manner so the practitioner can select relevant and effective essences for the clients essence blend. It is the practitioners responsibility to inform the client of the essences selected for their blend/s and reasoning behind each essence selection.

It is the clients responsibility to inform the practitioner of any changes to their wellbeing or newly arising issues or concerns. It is the clients responsibility to be honest with the practitioner at all stages of consultation and flower essence therapy to ensure therapy will be relevant and effective. It is the practitioners responsibility to address any concerns the client has in a timely, respectful, and honest manner and to resolve any discrepancies.

The practitioner/Inner Rhythms Medicine will not take any responsibility for flower essence therapy outcomes that are a direct result of misinformation on the clients part. The practitioner/Inner Rhythms Medicine will not take any responsibility for any side-effects that may occur during or after flower essence therapy where the client has not adhered to therapy advice or followed flower essence therapy protocol in the specific and ordered way prescribed by the practitioner. The practitioner/Inner Rhythms Medicine does not make any promises or claims, or take any responsibility, for flower essence therapy outcomes or results; each individual is unique and therefore, their experience will be individual to them. Clients engage the services of Inner Rhythms Medicine with this understanding.

It is the clients responsibility to inform the practitioner if they have an adverse reaction to a specific blend or if they are dissatisfied with, or would like to alter, their flower essence blend. The client has the right to be a part of all therapy choices and the right to decline flower essence therapy at anytime during the consultation. 

All clients under the age of 16 years at the time of consultation must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver who must provide consent for both consultation and flower essence therapy. No consult or flower essence therapy, either online or over the phone, will be provided to a minor (under the age of 16 years) without parental or guardian/caregiver consent.


Any and all information given by the practitioner/Inner Rhythms Medicine, either verbally or written, in the form of advice, recommendations, pamphlets, wellbeing plans/prescriptions, or on the Inner Rhythms Medicine website is not intended to replace professional medical and/or psychological advice and is alternative and/or complementary in nature. All flower essence blend prescriptions are carefully devised based on the information collected directly from the client. It is the clients responsibility to ensure all information provided to the practitioner is true in nature to ensure the practitioner can provide an effective flower essence blend prescription. 


Cancellation Policy

Inner Rhythms Medicine has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Where appointments are not cancelled 24 hours prior to booking, a full consultation fee may apply and be charged accordingly.

Payment Policy

Payment is expected on invoice. Invoices for services rendered (consultations and flower essence blend/s) will be emailed prior to appointments. Consultations will not proceed, and subsequent flower essence blends will not be prescribed, dispensed and sent, unless invoices have been paid in full prior to the commencement of the appointment.

Shipping Policy

Flower essence blends (1-3 bottles) to be delivered within New Zealand incur a flat fee rate of $5NZD postage and handling and are sent via tracked courier to a street address through the Trade Me 'Book a Courier' service who use Aramex and NZ Post courier services. Goods are processed and dispatched for delivery 1-2 working days after consultation. Items are collected by courier Monday - Friday. Once processed estimated delivery time: 2-5 working days. Tracking information will be sent so you can track the delivery status of your package online.

Refund Policy

Due to the personalized nature of flower essence blends, no refunds will be provided for them. Flower essence bottles are packaged with much care however, in the event of damage product/s we are happy to replace the item/s at no extra charge. Clients who are dissatisfied with their consultation are welcome to request a consultation fee refund. Whether a fee refund is given will be at the practitioners discretion and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Fees and Pricing Policy

Consultation fees and flower essence blend prices are subject to change without notice. All fees and prices are correct at time of publication; however Inner Rhythms Medicine reserves the right to alter fees and prices for any reason.


All testimonials provided on the Inner Rhythms Medicine website are given freely and are free from persuasion. Testimonials are not indicative of flower essence therapy outcomes or service satisfaction experienced by all clients; individual results and experiences may vary. Full names, in some cases, and details of persons giving testimonials have been omitted to maintain privacy.

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