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 As One Person I Cannot Change The World, But I Can Change The World Of One Person 


"Brooke has been a shining light in a time when I thought I would go crazy. She helped me get into perspective what was important and how to prioritize my hectic life with 2 young children, a full time job, study and life!! She has been there when I have needed advice on reducing my stress levels, and helps me re balance when I get overwhelmed. She is honest, kind and truly cares about the people she helps." - Anne

"I went to see Brooke after my cholesterol test came back high. I wanted to see how I could lower my cholesterol levels naturally rather than taking cholesterol lowering medication. After taking the vitamins and minerals and making the dietary and lifestyle changes Brooke suggested I successfully lowered my cholesterol. Brooke also referred me to an electrotherapy practitioner, which I really appreciated as they were able to relieve  my sciatica pain." - M.J

"After being diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, Brooke was really supportive in providing some nutritional changes for me to help support my body at this time. I reduced my caffeine, alcohol, and sugar and started eating more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as taking supplements. I believe these nutritional changes alongside the work/life balance advice Brooke gave me helped in my recovery." - D.N

"Brooke was so encouraging and supportive when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and had to change to a gluten free diet. I was offered diet plans and meal ideas to help with eating gluten free. Brooke also provided me with recipes and the best thing about this was they were easy to make and the ingredients were affordable! I found through working with Brooke that she was able to cater for her clients individual needs. She listens to what you are wanting and provides useful advice and information. I was really happy with my experience and highly recommend this clinic to others." - Amy

"After years of ezcema on my arms and legs and many visits to the doctors and steroid creams that stung I booked an appointment with Brooke. She identified dairy as the cause of my ezcema and put me on a dairy free nutritional plan as well as some supplements to get my body balanced again. Two weeks later I noticed an improvement and one month later my ezcema had cleared up completely for the first time in my life.

Thanks Brooke!" - J.K

"Hey Brooke, just wanted to say thanks for the time you spent with me giving me great advice which I have taken on board. Have made some great changes with our family and healthier eating."  - Karen                                                                    

Relaxation Massage

" I had the most amazing relaxation massage! Released all the tension in my shoulders and back that had been causing discomfort. Great way to de-stress and revive your body! Loved that I was given advice to go away with - practical ideas that I can do to help with tension in the muscles. Very professional service that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend! "  - Amy                                                                                                                                          

" I thoroughly enjoyed my massage treatment from Brooke. The massage I received was so relaxing and well given that it freed up my muscle soreness and tight neck tension. It is the best massage I have had, Brooke you have "Magic Hands". I highly recommend getting a Massage with Brooke, you will be glad you did." - Maggie


" The relaxation massage I received from Brooke was an amazing relaxation experience. I felt totally relaxed for days after my treatment. It was a total mind, body, soul healing for me. My massage was given in a professional and friendly environment. "  - Chris                                                                      

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