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All naturopathic consultations and treatment plans are conducted and formulated by Inner Rhythm Naturopathys certified and registered Naturopath who is qualified to provided naturopathic consultations and treatment plans.

Consultations and associated treatment plans, advice, recommendations and guidance, undertaken and provided by Inner Rhythm Naturopathy are in no way intended to diagnose, provide a prognosis, or cure any illness, disease, or disorder and are of a nature intended to enhance and strengthen the body naturally, to promote relaxation and stress management, and to return the body to a state of equilibrium. All information collected by the practitioner at the time of consultation, including clinical assessments and testing, will occur after consent is given by the client and is to aid in determining the cause and contributing factors of the clients health condition, ensuring a safe and effective treatment plan.


At the time of consultation it is the clients responsibility to provide information in a truthful and detailed manner and to declare any known health conditions/allergies, any prescription or other medications or supplements, natural or otherwise, they are currently taking so the practitioner can determine a safe and effective treatment plan. It is the practitioners responsibility to inform the client of any and all clinical assessments that will be performed during consultation and the reasons for undertaking these assessments. The client has the right at any time during consultation to decline assessments.


It is the clients responsibility to inform the practitioner of any changes to their health or newly arising health conditions or medications and/or supplementation intake.  It is the clients responsibility to be honest with the practitioner at all stages of consultation and treatment to ensure treatment will be safe and effective.


The practitioner/Inner Rhythms Naturopathy will not take any responsibility for treatment outcomes that are a direct result of misinformation on the clients part. The practitioner/Inner Rhythms Naturopathy will not take any responsibility for any side-effects that may occur during or after treatment where the client has not adhered to treatment advice or followed  treatment protocol in the specific and ordered way prescribed by the practitioner including the excessive use of supplementation and/or natural health products. 

It is the clients responsibility to inform the practitioner if they have an adverse reactions to specific supplementation and/or natural healthcare products or if they are dissatisfied, or would like to alter, their treatment plan. The client has the right to be apart of all treatment choices and the right to decline treatment at anytime during the consultation. 

Inner Rhythms Naturopathy take no responsibility for any supplements or natural health care products where they actual ingredients differ from stated ingredients, if any.

All clients under the age of 18 years at the time of consultation must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver who must provide consent for both consultation and treatment. No consult or treatment, either in the clinic or over the phone, will be provided to a minor (under the age of 18 years) without parental or guardian/caregiver consent.

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